Zoe started training at Phoenix as a 9 year old in 2008. Zoe progressed through the Phoenix grading system, starting from the children’s classes Little Dragons and Dragons and into the adult classes.  Zoe started sparring with the adults when she was 10 years old and joined the Phoenix Fight Team at 14. Zoe was on of the first Phoenix Juniors to compete and followed the system and develop from a novice fighter, to an amateur and now a professional fighter.

Zoe has gone on to become the gold medalist at the IFMA Junior World Championships in Bangkok 2016, 2 time IFMA Australian Junior Muay Thai Champion and 2 time WAKO Australian Junior Kickboxing champion.

As an adult, Zoe won a silver medal at the 2018 IFMA World Championships in Cancùn, she went back to the world championships in 2019 where she won gold making her the IFMA World Champion. She won Gold at the Arafura Games in 2019, which qualified her to represent Australia at the 2021 World Games. She is also the current World Muaythai Council professional champion. She is one of the highest ranked female fighter ever from the ACT and the only WMC professional female Champion from the ACT. She is only 20 years old and has a massive future.

Zoe started as assistant coach to the Little Dragons in 2013 and loves being a part of the children’s progress and growth in Muay Thai. Zoe is now a Muaythai coach at Phoenix and works with the children’s and beginner programs in order to inspire and develop future junior champions.

Zoe is the happiest and always smiling member of every class, always underestimated and forever feared by her opponents.