Training at Phoenix would suit you when?

When you want to be fit and train with fit people – when you like someone else to push you and people around you to challenge you – when you want to get fit by training with fit people – when training makes you happier and you train for satisfaction every time – when you train as an outlet for stress release – when you have had enough at a ‘NORMAL’ gym – when you are fit and need a greater challenge – when you need a new challenge – when you just want to train ‘hard’ – when you want to do something different – when you train because it makes you feel better – when you don’t like big commercial gyms or franchises – when you don’t have time for trends or gimmicks and just want simple and effective – when you play a sport and want to be fitter or stronger for it – when you want to around motivated hard working people – when you like to train without make up or dress up to go to the gym – when you want to train where effort is rewarded more than look – when you like to train where poses are not welcome, selfies are not done and people are here for a purpose – where a gym has a strict no drug policy – where the gym is local and built on community and like-minded people for 23 years – when you like to train in a disciplined and structured environment – when you like variety and every class to be different but still focused on your goals. 

                                                                                              WHEN YOU WANT TO BE TOUGHER TO KILL