Martial Arts at Phoenix

An Overview


For it to be Phoenix, it must be realistic, it must be effective, it must be practical, and it must contribute to your life and be transferable into the real world. When you train it should feel good and be a challenge.

Phoenix is a modern Martial Art club that we proudly call Phoenix Freestyle training that includes Muay Thai & More, boxing and Tough Fit.

Phoenix understands how hard it is walk into a martial arts club and get started. We have been developing people for over 23 years. Phoenix is for beginners who want to start martial art training and be confident that the product they are paying for works. Phoenix works as fitness activity, a self-defence activity, a character development and stress reducing activity because it is true modern martial art. Phoenix is a disciplined environment that is well organised, structured, and professional. People turn up for each other and love being here – simple.

Our fitness is simple, effective, and done with a group of people that meet up to share the experience and have a common work ethic. If you like a positive training atmosphere and not a fan of mainstream or franchise training environments, then try Phoenix.

The main reason people join Phoenix is for fitness. Every single class we do is a fitness class, but it is ‘fitness with a purpose’.

We have a lot of parents/friends/partners of people who do Muay Thai/Boxing in fitness classes because of the atmosphere and the lack of posing and ego. Plus, fitness classes have many people who currently do Muay Thai and Boxing, or once did, and now have another focus. They stay because of the friends they have at Phoenix and the training works, is fun and you get satisfaction every class.


Phoenix Freestyle is a modern ‘martial’ focused club that trains vigorously and enjoys a high level of fitness and conditioning in everything we do.  We train as a team and base everything on out integrity of training & positive character development. We have 23 + years of experience and coaches that are world class in a world class facility. 

The system is designed to develop people and we focus on normal people being the best they can be. We built our reputation on high level fighters for many years, but we have moved on and just want to share our great training with the general public. Phoenix is made up of normal people with lives, jobs, university, and great families. Everyone wants a challenge, and some choose to give competition a go, but they are about 2% of members, the rest do it just to be a apart of their life.

We do Boxing, Muay Thai and more. We do self-defence but mostly we develop pride and confidence. We believe everyone should learn how to fight so they don’t have to. But also be able to stand up for yourself if you have too. We inspire people to never be a victim. We are more the ‘martial’ in martial arts. Our fitness is in an environment of martial development; all that means is – it is disciplined, respectful and we focus on what works. Muay Thai/Boxing are simple, practical to learn, effective, and challenging. They are the most useable martial arts in the world. All our training is underpinned by our effective sport based coaching system. We develop the warrior within. Our training extrapolates into the essence of martial arts; effectiveness, honour, discipline, respect and living a better life with character.

Phoenix is a striking based martial art club. Every encounter starts on your feet, it starts with your hands up, in a fighting position, so that is where we start. Boxing skills are the centre line of all effective (non-weapon based) fighting arts. Muay Thai is the most effective way to fight without weapons. It is brutal, tough, physically demanding, mentally challenging and beautiful to watch.

Muay Thai & more means we teach more than the sport, we teach realistic application, how to fight with no rules, outside the ring and the respectful constraints of a club. We answer the ‘what if’ your opponent is mean, has no respect, is drugged crazed psycho wanting to end you. We do more because there is always more to life. The freestyle allows us to adapt, improve and stay up to date with the best.

Phoenix is a lifestyle thing. It is not an overnight thing; it takes many years. Your first steps are small and careful, and we respect that. No one is sparring day 1 or driven until they quit. No one is encouraged to compete.

No two Muay Thai/Boxing clubs are the same. We do not pretend to be authentic Thai’s and did not grow up in the Russian boxing system. We do what we do based on our history and development, doing the best we can in our environment. You can be confident that the shared experience of generations of Phoenix people have all been developed and will be passed on to you. Nothing is held back. What you learn now is far more advanced and developed than what people learnt 15 years ago, and we will continue on a constant and never-ending improvement cycle for generations to come.