Our best kept secret. Simple, effective and practical fitness training that has a balance of cardio, strength and challenge to keep you coming back. It will improve your life. Many of our members do not do any martial arts and just enjoy our fitness program’s. Fitness at Phoenix is not like a franchise fitness program or major fitness club. Grunt Fit is basic circuits, Tabata, pyramids, intensity and variety to maximise the positive benefits for you. No gimmicks, no monitors, cameras and no instafamous posers. You will feel it translate into a better life for you and make you tougher to kill. Our members have it as a regular part of their life and it works.

Please turn up early for your first class. For intense, turn up 15 minutes early to meet the coach and get handle on the basic format. Then jump in and have a go. Your first few classes are never easy, relax and just have a go and before long it will work for you!

GRUNT FIT EXPRESS TM is our signature fitness class. Suitable for all fitness levels. Simple easy to learn but challenging exercises that are pitched at your level of capability. You always have a choice of weight or speed but only one effort level is allowed.

WAKE UP WORKOUTS Start your day with an action packed hit out. Always different and always challenging. Bring your gloves to smash the bags, your muscles to move you and you Smikle to energise you. Awake the warrior within and have a great start to the day.

GRUNT FIT TABATA/CIRCUITS Classes that follow a set format however are very varied in the exercises. Great classes to get started in and a fantastic compliment to the martial programs.

GRUNT FIT INTENSE TM Grunt Fit Express is intense fitness training that always combines cardio, strength with challenges and development. Your stamina, strength endurance, power and speed will be developed and will be fitter than you have ever been in your life, if you come regularly. For anyone who enjoys training hard and challenging themselves, this is for you.

There is nothing intimidating about Phoenix regardless of what program you do. Phoenix is just normal people doing a few classes a week to add to their lives. All you need to do is get in and have a go; excuses will keep you where you are. The coaches often join in and suffer with you. We have people of all ages and a solid base of people over 35 who like to be fit and put their health and fitness as a priority in their life. If you want to train with a group of people who turn up for you and enjoy a work ethic environment. Get into Phoenix now.