Personal Training

Personal Training is available in Fitness, Muaythai, Boxing or self defence.

We have expert instructors who are specialists in their field, from professional fighters to fitness experts. Our personal training can be done one on one or in a small group. What makes Phoenix unique is the Combat Sports Coaches are real athletes with extensive real life and competition experience.  They are and have been real fighters who can teach you authentic skills for fitness, fighting or self defence. We have many regular members who add personal training to their schedule plus people who only do personal training because of lifestyle of goals.

Some people do it to prepare for regular classes and some do it to progress faster. The great thing is, that you can pick the topic and achieve your goals in a guided process. Our Personal Training is for 1-1 or a small group depending on your needs. You book the time, we focus on you.

Personal training can be done in one off lessons or you can buy a 6 pack or ongoing program.


Get a lesson with an expert coach at a time to suit you.

45-Minute Session – $85 per lesson for up to 2 people (+$15 for a 3rd person), or $450 for a ‘six pack’ of PT lessons.

30-Minute Session – $55 per lesson for up to 2 people (+$10 for a 3rd person), or $300 for a ‘six pack’ of PT lessons.

Personal security advice and training to meet any threat is $75 per 30 minutes.

Small group session (4-8 people) – $125 per lesson.

Price on application for 9+ people or any tailored package.