MUAY THAI (Kickboxing) & MORE


Phoenix Freestyle Muay Thai (& Kickboxing) is a modern effective training system that teaches Muay Thai & more with a modern approach that is practical, fun, challenging and incorporates effective skills with great fitness to build a stronger you. It is fitness with a purpose, it is a sport, it is a group activity, it is effective, tough and challenging, but the rewards equal the effort.

Phoenix Freestyle Muay Thai is an amazing workout, effective fighting style, great self-defence, great fun and it toughens you up!

Phoenix has BEGINNER ONLY CLASSES and you can try with a FREE TRIAL.

  • Phoenix has 23 years+ experience and was the first full time professional club in the ACT.
  • Phoenix Muay Thai & more coaches Muay Thai and adds in realistic self-defence and real world martial skills like grappling, wrestling and open hand ‘no rules’ fighting.
  • Muay Thai is the most effective striking system on the planet that is enhanced at Phoenix. It is an amazing workout that toughens your body and soul. Great for fitness, self-defence, and stress release.
  • Muay Thai at Phoenix is coached in professional, organised, disciplined and developmental system – the Phoenix System.
  • Phoenix has full time facility that is world class, with 24 hr access for adult memberships.
  • Phoenix Freestyle will get you fitter faster stronger and tougher and ensure you have realistic and practical skills that improve your life.
  • You will learn to train hard, join into vigorous classes with like minded people that are all here to face challenges.

 Phoenix Freestyle Muay Thai is not the same as Muay Thai anywhere else. It is Muay Thai & More.

We are not a franchise and the Muay Thai industry is not regulated. If you want safe, credible and proven results with normal everyday Canberra people, ensure you check out Phoenix.