Muaythai Practical Martial Arts

Phoenix is a Martial Art club that has been developing people for over 23 years. Our system is developed from a ‘what works’  principle. 

Phoenix is a place you will feel comfortable and welcomed that understands how hard it is walk into a combat sports gym and get started. Phoenix is for beginners who want to start martial art training and be confident that the product they are paying for works. Phoenix works as fitness activity, a self defence activity, a character development and stress reducing activity because it is true modern martial art. Phoenix is a disciplined environment that is well organised, structured and professional. We train people that want to train – simple. 

Most people are a little intimidated to walk into a real fight gym but you have nothing to worry about at Phoenix. We are normal people that have just been training longer than you. We get it. Our system is designed to develop people. We do the toughest sports in the world, the training has to be hard, physical and demanding. It is physically and mentally tough BUT it is a process. It is not an overnight thing, it takes many years. Your first step’s are small and careful and we respect that. No one is sparring day 1 or driven until they quit. That will happen, but not for many months/years of training – when you ready for it. No one is encouraged to compete, that takes years of training to decide that path. 95% of people never compete because it is not something you do lightly but every single student will be able to fight, to stand up for themselves, will be fit and healthy and could if they had to. 

We do Muaythai, we do Boxing, we do self defence, we do character development. We teach everyone not be a victim. We are more the ‘martial’ in martial arts. Our fitness is in an environment of martial development; all that means is – it is disciplined, respectful and we focus on what works. Muaythai/Boxing are simply the most practical to learn, most effective, most challenging striking arts in the world. Phoenix is about pride and quality and we do these styles – our way – underpinned by our effective sport based coaching system. We then do much more than Muaythai/Boxing, we embark on a life of martial training to develop the warrior within. Our training extrapolates into the essence of martial arts; effectiveness, honour, discipline, respect. 

Phoenix is a striking based martial art club. We are hard fitness and mental determination based martial club. We do Muaythai and Boxing because they are the most effective striking arts in the world. Every encounter starts on your feet, it starts with your hands up, in a fighting position, so that is where we start. Boxing skills are the center line of all effective (non weapon based) fighting arts. Muaythai is the most effective way to fight without weapons – full stop. It is brutal, tough, physically demanding, mentally challenging and beautiful to watch. I chose to train Muaythai because of how physically demanding it is. I do boxing because it is the simplest and most effective way to protect yourself and everything else stems from it. Phoenix fitness is the way it is because nothing develops pride like achievement and overcoming adversity.  

Phoenix does far more than just Muaythai/Boxing but you have to have a base. All martial are a collective of many people, systems, beliefs and goals. People need to do what suits them selves. Some people compete at other martial arts and grade to high levels easier than your training at Phoenix will be because they don’t really fight. They do performances in the air, they don’t do real full contact training with head punches, they do point sparring, board breaking and a lot of in-practical nonsense, I like to call Hollywood style. If you are grounded and want reality, Phoenix is a direction for you. 

No two Muaythai/Boxing clubs are the same either. We do not pretend to be authentic Thai’s and do not grow up in the Cuban boxing system. We do what we do based on our history and development doing the best we can in our environment. You can be confident that the shared experience of generations of Phoenix people have all been developed and will be passed on to you. Nothing is held back. What you learn now is far more advanced and developed that what people learnt 15 years ago. 

FITNESS AT PHOENIX: Fact is most people that do a martial art and go to Muaythai/Boxing is because of the fitness element. You can not be an effective martial artist without fitness. Every single class we do is a fitness class but it is ‘fitness with a purpose’, it is fitness that is engaging and can keep you training and focused for life. To be a fighter, you must have exceptional fitness and mental toughness, that is what draws most people to the method of training. 

We have a lot of parents/friends/partners of people who do Muaythai/Boxing in fitness classes because of the atmosphere and the lack of posing and ego. Plus fitness classes have many people who currently do Muaythai and Boxing, or once did, and now have another focus. They stay becasue of the family and friends they have at Phoenix and the training works, is fun and you get satisfaction every class.  

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