Phoenix Martial Kids Program

From 5-15 years

Modern martial art approach to effective fitness and self-protection

  • We train kids to be safe and strong. We believe that robust physical training, discipline, and work ethic is great character development for your child.
  • Phoenix has been developing character and skills in Children for over 24 years.
  • Phoenix kids’ classes are broken into ages; Mighty Dragons 5-8 years, Little Dragons 8-11/12 years and Dragons is 11-16 years. Kids 14+ can do adult classes.
  • Phoenix Children’s programs are a modern martial art approach to effective physical and mental development. The base system is Muay Thai (kickboxing), but kids also learn street wise self-protection, counter bullying and assertiveness training. 
  • The program is a real-life contact based practical program that includes striking to all parts of the body and learning to defend strikes, that is practiced through contact and application.
  • We have male and female coaches all with Working with vulnerable People Certificates.
  • It is a keep up program and designed to be challenging. We have an expectation of effort and behaviour from Children.

Our NEVER BE A VICTIM approach ensures ‘we teach kids to fight’ so ‘they never have to’. It is about character, self-respect and self-determination.

Phoenix coaches practical and useable skills in a challenging but positive environment. We have a developmental system but only reward effort and development, so kids learn to earn what they get and work hard for it. The Children’s program is a graded Development system (Phoenix Kids) from 5-15 years.

Martial Arts are a life skill and should be honest and challenging. Martial Arts that train kids to put their hands down to punch and grade them memorising sequences are unrealistic.   

The fitness is challenging, great fun and developmental. We are strict, professional and provide a disciplined but positive training environment. You don’t get belts for turning up or looking good, you get graded for effort, ability, work ethic and character. There are no participation trophies. We expect effort and we demand good behaviour. Martial Training must come with values and ethics and our training does not tolerate mis-behaviour in or outside of the Gym.

Parents can train at the same time for the same price as your kids at fitness!