Modern martial art approach to effective FITNESS, SELF DEFENCE AND ANTI-BULLYING training for Children

Phoenix Children’s programs are a modern martial art approach to effective training for Children 5 -16 years. The base system is Muay Thai but kids also learn street wise self defence, anti bullying and assertiveness training. The fitness is demanding and developmental and designed to enhance mental toughness and coping skills.

Phoenix coaches practical and useable skills in a challenging but positive environment. We have a developmental system but only reward effort and development so kids learn to earn what they get and work hard for it. The kids get great satisfaction in their efforts and love the training; every session is a workout and fun.

The skills are practical and work for self-defense. Our program encourages hard work and effort but unlike most martial arts we do not wear GI’s and give belts or teach impractical memory based systems or choreographed techniques. We teach kids to stand up for themselves and instil a strict code of behaviour. We coach honour and loyalty and instil in kids a pride in themselves that comes from knowing they can look after themselves and stand up to the vigour’s of real life.

Martial Arts are a life skill and should be honest and challenging. Martial Arts that train kids to put their hands down to punch and grade them memorising sequences whilst doing ‘no or light’ contact training are false and misleading. This is not the real world, it is child care and enforces an indoctrination system of trained dogma that has no place in reality. Training kids without head contact, emotional challenges and conflict management is not safer, it is fraud. Martial Arts are martial first and should work in the real world not just in your own gym.

We are strict but prefer energy and ability to apply over rote learning. You don’t get belts for turning up or looking good, you get graded for effort, ability, work ethic and many kids will not grade. There is no participation trophies or kids that feel they have an entitlement. The kids have fun, there is energy, team work and achievement in every class.

We have a grading system that levels for achievement. It is progressively harder and based on attitude, attendance, and ability. We have merit badges for specific behaviours like effort, diligence, courage, improvement and achievement. Gradings are free and included in your fee’s.

We have male and female instructors who all have working with vulnerable people cards and over 10 years’ experience at coaching and mentoring children. Our system is for discerning people that want the best and are willing to encourage their kids to want the best from life and how to work and behave to earn it.


Parents can train at the same time for the same price as your kids at either boxing or fitness!

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