Our fitness program is called Phoenix Fit. 

Phoenix Fit is fitness in a Muay Thai/Boxing Gym. Fitness with a purpose in an environment of teamwork, work ethic with honest and effective training. We are a club with 20 years of history, getting results and doing fitness as a part of your life. From families to fighters; Phoenix is a way to be fit and include the training into your lifestyle. It is not a trend or short term fad. Phoenix was the first gym in Mitchell and we continue to offer what no one else can. 

There is more to fitness than just being fit and training at Phoenix offers something different to other gyms. The fitness programs are a part of everything we do whether you do one program or many; our fitness training is unique and contributes to all our programs or can stand alone if you have a fitness goal. 

We have strength Fit classes, fighting fit classes that combine Muaythai and fitness, 24hr access and fitness express classes on during our kids programs that are great for after work or while your kids train. We do no nonsense, no gimmick, basic hard work fitness – that works and is fun. We never do the same class twice and we are always keeping it interesting and challenging for you. It is the people here that are great to work with, normal people with a goal and work ethic doing the best they can. 

Join a group of like minded people looking for something different. You can do fitness only or a mixture of Muay Thai Boxing and fitness for your training. It is a ‘non’ gym atmosphere that is part of a greater club of people all looking for something better in their life and making changes for the better in their lifestyle. 

Our fitness is a part of our overall programs that are both mentally and physically demanding because that way the training works and you get fitter, faster, stronger and tougher. You can truly train to change your life and have it as a positive part of your daily schedule. Most of our members are here for fitness but they choose to do a combat sport or fitness in this environment because it is more fun, more varied and is developmental.

There is no standing around waiting for weights, lining up for equipment, looking in the mirror, training in time with music, posing or people dressed to go out more than train hard. We have a family friendly atmosphere, normal people getting fit and serious people to inspire you. There is no posers, no lycra, no selfies, no techno and a shut up and train ethos. 

The environment is one of integrating the work ethic, discipline and demands required of training to be a professional fighter and serious martial artist into your fitness training. People are in the gym for a purpose and all of our fitness is fun but also character developing. You get changes with challenges. You get results with effort.

There is nothing intimidating about Phoenix regardless of what program you do. All you need to do, is get in and have a go. Excuses will keep you were you are; if you are happy with that then that’s ok but if you want to be fitter and have something more in your life, then give it a go. The only people that are intimated about trying a class are people that need to show off and prove something and realise that at Phoenix, we will chop your ego down and make you realise you are nothing special. Everyone here trains as hard as they can and encourage effort in everyone else.

Fitness is about challenging yourself to live a better life. It can be just stress release and escape from your day but in the end you do it because it feels good and you want to, without it you feel something is missing from your life.

We don’t have the friendliest coaches in town we have coaches that are experienced at what we do. They know what works and how to get the most out of you. Our coaches are athletes first, members first and experienced at what we do before they ever get the opportunity to lead and inspire others.

The owners train in the gym, every day and every coach here, trains here. We are one team and train and suffer together.

Phoenix Fitness has a optional graded developmental system to measure your fitness training goals. Like our martial arts programs, we have a system of gradings for our fitness program. It is accountable to you and you are accountable to ensure your training is not only fun every time you visit, but works! The grading system is great fun, rewarding and creates a great team training atmosphere.