GRUNT FIT - Fitness with a purpose!

Unique Fitness Challenges


  • Fitness at Phoenix is simple, effective, better and different.
  • Everyone joins Phoenix to gain fitness and we are more than just a Muaythai/Boxing Gym. If you want to be fit, train with fit people. Because you don’t know fitness unless you’re Phoenix fit.
  • At Phoenix you will be a part of something; not just an anonymous gym goer. A small local gym with a big presence and over 20 years’ experience building a community of like-minded regulars. Normal people achieving results.
  • Phoenix Fitness involves old school circuits with unique effective exercise routines and we ensure every class is different. We have specific fitness classes, morning classes, personal coaching and equipment designed to be functional and practical.  
  • Our fitness community is full of like-minded, hardworking people including the parents of kids training at the same time, fighters developing their conditioning and regular people just having a workout to relieve stress.
  • Our membership includes all programs, so you can just do fitness classes or combine them with Muaythai and Boxing to give you more options and challenges. We even have 24hr access.
  • Phoenix coaches are experienced experts who will engage and develop every single member; but in classes we have a ‘shut up and train ethos’. There is no posers, techno or lycra clad, mirror hogging, make up wearing, muscle bulking, ego driven, machine waiting, classes to music and routines to learn. It is not a disco, rock concert, instructor headset wearing hyped up dance routine, fake fighting, indoor dance moves orientated, indoor cycle class.


Fitness is about challenging yourself to live a better life. It can be a stress reliever and an escape from your day; but in the end, you do it because it feels good and you want to. Without it, you feel something is missing from your life.

If you want to train at a club that is local, welcoming, disciplined and organised; then come and give it a try. It is an energetic environment with normal people, families, exercise clothes and no make-up wearing posing people!  You will find some really fit, hardworking people. The thing they have in common? Everyone is here to train and train hard. Fitness specific classes complement our other programs but are also an alternative for people wanting fitness only classes, a great workout and something different in their training and lifestyles.

GRUNT FIT EXPRESS TM is our signature fitness class. Suitable for all fitness levels – but only one effort level is allowed! It is a program that never does the same class twice; but every class is fun and challenging, but a feeling of satisfaction comes from every workout. A program that pioneered what others now only mimic. There is no franchising, no techno, no lycra, no ‘instaFBfamous’ people; just good hard workouts.

GRUNT FIT INTENSE TM Grunt Fit Express is hard; Grunt Fit Intense is as advertised! A harder, more physically demanding class. The weights are heavier, the exercises are more complex, and the rests are shorter.  For anyone who enjoys hard fitness training and challenging themselves then this is the one for you.

The environment of Phoenix integrates the work ethic, discipline and demands required to be a professional fighter, into your fitness training. People are in the gym for a purpose and all our fitness is fun and character developing.

There is nothing intimidating about Phoenix regardless of what program you do. All you need to do is get in and have a go; excuses will keep you where you are. If you are happy with that, then that’s ok. But give it a go if you want to be fitter and have something more in your life. You get changes with challenges. You get results with effort.

EVERYONE wants to be fit, happy, energetic and enjoy their training.
Kids Muaythai Classes