Competition training

 Phoenix has been turning ordinary people into extraordinary people for over 20 years. Training normal Canberra people to be champions in life and the ring. We have the results to prove we are one of the premier Muaythai clubs in Australia with over 23 years of developing champions. We bring out the warrior within for anyone that wants to train to compete seriously to a level you probably never thought possible.

To compete at Phoenix, you have to train first, be a member and do your time developing your skills, dedication and experience. We do not throw people in the ring in a few months and work more on a quality approach that takes times and development. Our competitors are required to meet a high standard of discipline, fitness and commitment.

At Phoenix, we do not ask you to compete, you earn it. People don’t walk into Phoenix and tell us they are going to compete, they shut up and train and earn the right to represent.

Training at Phoenix is challenging but it can turn you into a champion if you are prepared to work for it. We are a no-nonsense hard work and disciplined club that optimises your potential whilst ensuring you live a healthy lifestyle through discipline, effective training, realistic methods and aiming to be the best you can be.

Our fighters are well trained technically, are tough and fit and always come to fight, that is why we have a strong consistent reputation Australia wide. Phoenix has trained Junior and Adult Australian, and World champions, but the best part is seeing normal people achieve goals and get in and have a go for a few fights.

Our Competition Team is Muay Thai and Boxing. Competition Team Coaching is led by Anthony Manning, who has been developing fighters for over 20 years and was a professional fighter for 15 years with Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA experience. A former National Champion, he has been training juniors and adults to be athletes for over 23 years. He has been a Muay Thai Australia National Team Coach and Manager, for both junior and seniors, World Championships and knows what it takes to get in the ring.

How to train to compete – join, train and earn it. Step above the pack and do the work and you will get there. We don’t encourage anyone from other clubs to come to Phoenix, so if you have trained before, come and see Anthony before you start training.