Boxing is fantastic fitness and great self defence, but the best part, is it is fun and easy to learn. Phoenix Boxing is a system that teaches you real boxing that you can apply for your fitness or train for sparring and competition. Either way, you will be proud of your skills and be able to say – you do real boxing! Boxing is the centre line of all striking and combat sports and at Phoenix Gym we have boxing classes to ensure you can learn effective striking with your hands to:

  • Learn self defence.
  • Improve your fitness.
  • Be a boxer – for fun, sport, and fitness or just as a healthy activity.
  • Improve your Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA punching skills.
  • Improve your confidence, assertiveness and strength of character.
Boxing is the centre of all effective fighting systems - At Phoenix, we know boxing can be real and FUN.

Phoenix Boxing is a stand alone program that can easily be integrated with everything we do at Phoenix. All our memberships include any program so you can do just boxing or include it as a part of your routine. You can learn boxing to be fit and healthy or you can train to compete – it is up to you. Either way, we will coach you to be the best you can be and learn correct boxing technique and style. Our boxing is organised, programmed, strict and the program works. If you want to learn REAL BOXING skills in a team work environment, with like minded people who like routine, strict classes and effective training, then Phoenix is for you. 

Phoenix Boxing is a part of our striking program and integrated with our Muay Thai and Kickboxing programs. All expert coaches are experienced at coaching beginners to intermediate students at the fundamentals of boxing and developing everyone’s skills and fitness. The boxing program is a graded development program that consists of classes of three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Sparring - This is up to you, when you are ready and we think you are capable.

Students must be graded or invited, to learn and practice sparring. Anyone considering competition must join the Phoenix Fight Team and be graded to Level 1 or above and then do the training required to achieve that goal. 99% of people that do boxing do not compete but still enjoy learning sparring and the challenges and rewards of real boxing, over fitness only styles of boxing.

Grading - Just a goal for you, but you can train just for fun if you want.

There is a Boxing grading system that progresses from Beginner to TTFU, to Level 1 then Level 2 and Level 3. The grading system is displayed on the walls of Phoenix Gym. Students grade at seminars and also in classes when they meet the required standards of ability, attendance and attitude. Normally 80% of people enjoy and remain in Beginner classes because they are constantly learning and improving and the classes are planned and developmental for all participants. TTFU level classes are focused on developing the defences and skills required for contact boxing and partner work with the aim of teaching and developing sparring skills. Level 1 plus classes include intermediate level skills, harder fitness and sparring drills. Intermediate classes and both physically and mentally challenging and involve contact and attack and defence drills. Grading is ability and aptitude based and not time based or self-assessed, our experienced coaches will guide you.