Boxing is fantastic fitness and great self-defence, but the best part, is it is fun and easy to learn. Phoenix Boxing is a system that teaches you real boxing and gets you fitter than you have ever been. Boxing is the centre line of all striking and combat sports and at Phoenix Gym we have boxing classes to ensure you can:

  • Be fitter and tougher than you have ever been.
  • Learn self-defence and practical skills.
  • Be proud to say you do real boxing.
  • Improve your confidence, assertiveness, and strength of character.
  • Phoenix has full time facility that is world class with 24 hr memberships available.
  • Your Boxing membership also includes Muaythai and fitness classes!



Phoenix has BEGINNER ONLY CLASSES and you can start with a FREE TRIAL.

Boxing is the centre of all effective fighting systems - At Phoenix, we know boxing can be real and FUN.

Phoenix Boxing is a simple and safe way to get into combat sports. Our Boxing program is popular because we are experienced at getting people started and follow a proven training system that gets results fast. 

Boxing is world famous for being great fitness, but it is also at the heart of effective fighting systems. At Phoenix, we know you have both. 

Real boxing and safe, effective fitness.

Phoenix boxing is for everyone. Boxing is an integral part of Phoenix but only part of our training. We are not a ‘Boxing only’ club and do not push you to compete at Boxing. Our boxing works and is real but only a part of our overall martial arts program.