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Muaythai, Boxing, Phoenix Fit, Self Defence, Kids classes, 24hr access, A weight training area and everything you need in one place for a great experience. 

We are a combat sports, martial arts and fitness club with over 23 years experience and delivering high quality programs in combat sports and martial arts. All of our sessions are instructional and include fitness and skill training with authentic and realistic programs. We have over 35 classes a week for adults to choose from (20 of those are for Beginners) and 15 children’s classes (for kids from 5 – 15 years). Our programs include: Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and Phoenix Fit.  Phoenix Children’s programs are a modern martial art approach to effective training for Children. Our children’s program are based on Muay Thai but also include real self defence training, anti-bully training, assertiveness and self confidence. All classes have demanding fitness and will teach kids (& everyone) respect, a strong work ethic and that anything worth achieving is hard work. We follow a team work approach and are all here to improve.

All the coaches are here to coach you to be the best you can be; what you do with it is up to you. Most people don’t compete but every single member is taught effective martial arts that work. Everyone of our members are champions. All of our coaches at combat sports have extensive competition experience. We have a dedicated team of male and female coaches. Phoenix Muay Thai is one of the most well known clubs in Australia having produced consistent champions for over 20 years; from local to international champions, incl children and adults. 

Phoenix Fit includes, Express Fit, Tough Fit and Strength Fit and strength fit. Every single member can get a tailor made Strength & Conditioning Program. Our programs are unique stand alone fitness program’s that you can do with or without the martial arts programs. Phoenix Fit is a hard work, effective and realistic program that attracts people who want a honest workout without the gimmick, mirrors, hype and posers in main stream gyms and franchises. Strength Fit is a strength technique and development program.

Our atmosphere is positive, realistic, disciplined, motivational and every class is a challenge. Come and join the team today.

What We Do

Muay Thai​

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