Twins Sweat Suit


The Twins Sauna Suit is a two-piece vinyl outfit. Athletes use this sweat suit to make weight cuts before fights. It is a popular training item for professional and amateur Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA fighters. The entire suit is black with metallic trim. Heavy-duty vinyl fabric makes this a really durable garment. If you are fighting frequently, and need to cut weight on a regular basis, this suit will serve you much better than a generic exercise suit.

The jacket has a strong zipper that will withstand continuous use and movement. The collar of the jacket can be worn high, up to your chin to trap as much heat as possible. Or, you can wear the collar lower so that it comfortably rests around your neck. The right chest of the jacket features the Twins symbol; a large Twins logo is across the back of the jacket. The waist, cuffs, and ankles are all fitted with strong elastic. The design assists in trapping air, moisture and heat in to promote sweating everything you need to cut weight before a fight!

This suit is usually worn for excise and while in the sauna. Please use caution wearing this suit with extreme workouts.

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