Prices Explained


Phoenix membership includes unlimited training. 24hr access is also available.

Our friendly staff are always ready to welcome new members!

Phoenix membership is an ‘all inclusive’ experience. All Muaythai, Boxing and fitness classes, (plus 24hr access available), is included. We have an option for own training, but our main focus is fantastic group training. All our classes are organised, professional and disciplined. We set the bench mark for organisation and disciplined training with a system that has produced champions in life and the ring for over 23 years. 

We are not price driven because we believe what we offer is high quality coaching, world class facilities, structured and organised programs. Phoenix is Canberra’s longest running, best set up and most organised and professional training system in Canberra.  For over 23 years we have been turning ordinary people into champions in the ring and life. 

Phoenix is a martial art club and our program all come under that one direction. You pay for more than just classes, you pay to help us keep the facility open, the lights on and the coaches salaries so you can have a fantastic place to go and learn. Phoenix is always clean and well set up to compliment a great experience. Phoenix offers high quality experienced coaches that have all dedicated their lives to be great coaches and are here for you. Our least experienced coach has over 10 years at Phoenix and the head Coach has been leading and Instructing people for over 35 years. You pay for that experience, for that insight, for the understanding and so you get to learn from our mistakes and progress faster than anyone before you. Most clubs have not even been open for as long as our coaches have been coaching.  

Our membership fee’s are a monthly subscription. You pay via a direct debit for each month in advance. All memberships can be cancelled at any time with no fees. We require you to fill in a cancellation form and give us 14 days notice to cease the transactions. We pay the set up and transaction fees for you. So what you see on the price list is what you pay. Pay in advance options are available on request. As are Student and youth prices. All childrens classes are per school term. 

Phoenix is Canberra’s only 24 hour Muaythai, Boxing, fitness and Combat Sports Club. We do fitness unlike anyone else. Train whenever you want! 24 hour access is available by application only*. Phoenix is a true combat sports and martial arts gym. Our world class programs and coaches have developed the club to be one of Australia’s leading and most unique Muaythai, Boxing, Martial Arts and fitness clubs. Phoenix is not a franchise or a mainstream fitness center. The owner and coaches are in the gym every day – training, coaching and leading by example. Every coach was a member first and learnt their craft through many years of hard work and dedication. 

Our programs are all a part of our coaching platform but behind the classes is serious, dedicated coaches and a knowledge base that far exceeds what you first see and will be there for you, in your corner for life. Rest assured, what you learn works and is passed on to you by people who have suffered, failed, been tested and prevailed. If you want to learn martial arts, learn to defend your self, you need the real deal, you need the experience the head coach has had in a life of fighting in the ring, in war zones, in life, in the street, and the true understanding of how never to be a victim.  Phoenix is so much more than a Muaythai club, a sport and fitness center – we will equip you for life.