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We have one Phoenix 'FULL ACCESS' membership that includes unlimited training

Our friendly staff are always ready to welcome new members!

Phoenix membership is an ‘all inclusive’ experience. All Muaythai, Boxing and fitness classes, plus 24hr access, is included. We have an option for own training, but our main focus is fantastic group training. All our classes are organised, professional and disciplined. We set the bench mark for organisation and disciplined training with a system that has produced champions in life and the ring for over 20 years. We are not price driven because we believe what we offer is high quality coaching, world class facilities, structured and organised programs and worth it.

Phoenix is Canberra’s longest running, best set up and most organised and professional training system in Canberra.  For over 20 years we have been turning ordinary people into champions in the ring and life. We are a result driven gym that will get the best out of you and push you to meet your goals and achieve at life and your fitness. 20 years of success is our proof and our people are our legacy. 

Phoenix is Canberra’s only 24 hour Muaythai, Boxing, fitness and Combat Sports Club. We do fitness unlike anyone else. Train whenever you want! 24 hour access is available by application only*. Phoenix is a true combat sports and martial arts gym. Our world class programs and coaches have developed the club to be one of Australia’s leading and most unique Muaythai, Boxing, Martial Arts and fitness clubs. Phoenix is not a franchise or a mainstream fitness centre. The owner and coaches are in the gym every day – training, coaching and leading by example. Every coach was a member first and learnt their craft through many years of hard work and dedication. 

Phoenix guides, leads and inspires you every step of the way. Phoenix is a club based on connections, friendships and a common work ethic. We are all here to achieve results and help each other get there. Your training partners will share your experience and your coaches will inspire and push you. Most people join Phoenix for fitness as an alternative to a ‘fitness centre’, but stay because it is so much more. Our fitness is based on athletic development, reality based no gimmick training that works because it is hard work and developmental. Our programs are world class. NO other fitness centre or trendy new gimmick has people at their gym with 20 years’ experience guiding you and has a system of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for you to progress through. You get a compliment at Phoenix – you’ve earn’t it! You grade to a higher level – you’ve earn’t it. There is a very team work orientated approach to training and our coaches are experts at improving you and are not paid to give you a hug and high five every time your heart rate monitor show’s you are trying – you are meant to be working hard! 

Joining a premier club with over 20 years’ experience, we know how to get you started and will help you every step of the way. There is nothing intimidating about starting at Phoenix and regular people turn into champions every day. We are not part of the fitness industry, a chain or franchise, we are a home-grown club that is based on participation in the sport that is great for fitness and fun, but also challenging and rewarding. Phoenix builds connections and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality training and experience to our members.

All programs are included in your membership so you can train as often as you desire. Phoenix has excellent value memberships that include more than just classes and own training; they include benefits such as, expert coaching at every step, world class facilities, 24hr access on approval, a proven developmental training system that gets results, membership at one of Australia’s premier Muaythai and Boxing clubs. This include’s morning classes, fitness classes and any class from our Muaythai or Boxing programs. There is no joining fee or paying for extra programs. You can elect a ‘pay as you go’ direct debit membership or a 6 month membership option payable in advance or ‘paid off’ via direct debit. 

Do your research and you will come back to Phoenix 100% of the time. We put everything on the net, you can watch a class, see the training, and visit to see what we do. Our prices offer access to any of our world class programs and we have no other hidden extra costs. We have over 45 classes a week are a one stop shop for fitness, Martial Arts and Combat Sports. 

People travel from all over Canberra and NSW to train at Phoenix because of the quality of the club and what we must offer.  Phoenix is unique to Canberra and our members who have trained in places all around the world always return, happy and satisfied, they have Phoenix in their home town.

When you join, we coach you, lead you and are specialists at getting beginners going. You can train at Phoenix and go anywhere in the world and people will compliment you on your skills and fitness. We encourage you to work hard and earn every step. Life changing training has to come with effort or there is no reward.

Don’t let these amazing facts intimidate you; our best skill is getting people started. We have amazing prices because we love to promote what we do and get people started so we have to be affordable because Phoenix people are not gym members, they are a community and we are a part of their lives for many years.