Pia has been a member of the Phoenix family for nearly 10 years.  She joined as a fun way to get fit and then became obsessed with Muaythai, the challenges and results it gets. Starting as a gumby beginner who couldn’t do a push up, she developed into one of the highest ranked fighters in Australia and the WBC and WKA Australian Muaythai Champion. Pia did this through a strong work ethic, sacrifice, commitment to training, learning and never being afraid to test herself and her training.

Pia has represented Phoenix for several years as an active fighter and dedicated herself to this. She is now a Phoenix coach and an experienced member of our team.  With a total of 18 fights, 13 wins, both within Australia and internationally, Pia is one of the most experienced fighters at the gym.  She has trained in Thailand and lived and breathed the sport and culture for many years.

Pia is a level 4 (senior) graded student within the gym and has always been actively involved in Phoenix life.  She has recently found a new love for the sport through coaching.  She began teaching kids and assisting beginners but is now enjoying running her own adult classes.  She hopes to pass on her knowledge of fighting and disciplined way of training that Phoenix is known for.  She also hopes to inspire and encourage women to get involved and learn that they are capable of being successful in Muaythai.

Pia is a down to earth, routinely funny and always harder working coach and student. Humble enough for beginners to approach her and competent enough to scare anyone that is brave enough to stand in front of her.