Training Philosphies

Why is Phoenix different?

Phoenix is different because over the last 23+ years we have continually developed and adapted our identity to ensure we are constantly improving, testing ourselves and delivering on what we say we do for the members of our club. We have learnt a lot about ourselves and are confident in telling you what our philosophy is now, and what separates us from others. We want to be around for another 20 years because of the great people that love training with us.  We started as a great community of people who train together, and we still are. Our coaches are all club members and love training with you, often in the classes with you.

Phoenix is a Triumvirate of:  Martial Arts – Fitness – Character

(Phoenix lives by our slogans and we have many! The main being: Motivation is unreliable – Discipline is Key. 100% Tested on Humans. Live your best life. Be tougher to Kill. Fitter Faster Stronger Tougher. Actions Cures Fear. Shut up and Train. Simple – Effective – Fun.

Everything we do should translate into your life and improve it. Whether that be health and fitness or stress release, living longer, resilience skills, or just fun with friends and an escape from your world.

We have a unique and effective ‘style’ that can not be mass produced.

80% of achievement is just showing up.

Our “style” of training varies from class to class, and program to program. We try to develop a community of likeminded people who like to train together and benefit from each other. You will follow a process of continual development and improvement over time.  For it to work – you need to turn up regularly. We have the facility, the programs and plan everything we do, for you. For it to work, you must work hard, participate fully, develop discipline and commit at every session. Our training will change your perspective of what you think you are capable of: what tough is, what strong is, what fast is, what you can do without quitting, how far you can go and that you can take a punch and give one back if you must. You will build and improve every time you visit. You turn up, you will improve your fitness and skill. Everyone has different abilities, different levels, goals and desires, and everyone learns and adapts differently.

We define what fitness is differently.

At Phoenix, Fitness is constantly working hard to better your ability, capability, and performance in a way that contributes to your life, sport, family, community, and work. The club was built over 20 years with obsessive, serious and committed people who inspired everyone that trained with them to keep up.  We are now past that foundation and adapt to allow everyone to benefit from our training style. After 23 years we have realised some critical factors are included in Phoenix.

  1. People need balance in their lives: community, work, family, friends, sport and physical exercise.
  2. If everyone trains in a supportive environment, everyone will improve. No one can do it alone. 95% of people that train at Phoenix just enjoy an average of 3-4 classes a week. This is a healthy balance in life.  Phoenix was built on the athletes who trained daily for hours, but it is the 80% who show up consistently, work hard and enjoy the gym that are the true Phoenix community.
  3. Everyone who trains wants to do it as best they can, but everyone has different constraints, abilities, and life pressures to manage. That someone who comes in and works their arse off two days a week deserves as much attention as someone who comes in every day. 3 days a week for 20 years is far better than 6 days a week for 6 months.
  4. Any exercise you do requires discipline. Motivation is unreliable. The reason you train and must train regularly is because it makes you feel better. The drugs (happy chemicals from training) are free and your whole day will better! It is short term, yes, but it will make your life better and make you ‘Tougher to kill’ over time.
  5. Mental health is hugely important. What we do contributes to your resilience, your mental strength, your stress release and provides an outlet and escape from difficulties in your life.
  6. 98% of members never compete. The club is a team. The athletes that do compete grow from the club and are a part of it, not a separate team. Competition at combat sports is extremely challenging and has massive effects on your life. It cannot be done alone and must be taken seriously. It can be extremely beneficial and rewarding but must be kept in perspective to life. PHOENIX IS A GREAT PART OF YOUR LIFE BUT IT SHOULDN’T BE YOUR LIFE.
  7. We are more ‘Average Joes’ than ‘Globo Gym’. If you haven’t seen Dodgeball, you are missing out. That said, we aspire to ensure everyone develops and improves.

Your training is not working if improved performance in your sport, life or profession is not happening. We train because it feels good and you get satisfaction, ‘happy drugs’ (endorphins) and are part of something bigger every time you visit Phoenix. We challenge each other so we are all better and do not compete with each other. The goal is not to win at the gym but to be the best you can be for your life outside of the gym. Therefore, at the gym you train with integrity, teamwork, and individual maximum effort. If training at Phoenix helps you deal with work, have an outlet, carry the groceries, live longer for your family or give you an escape to test yourself and develop pride – then Phoenix is working for you.

We do ‘Muay Thai and Boxing’ differently.

Muay Thai/Boxing and anything Martial Art related we do is different because we have constantly developed it and improved it for over 23 years. We are a ‘what works’ club with integrity, teamwork, and strong values. We are not fitness trainers with a 2-day pad holding course or people with two weeks in Thailand at a Muay Thai camp. We are coaches and trainers 100% dedicated to what we do. We have tested everything we do in competition and life and have been committed to passing it on to you as the main focus of our lives.  The head trainer we have has spent the vast bulk of his life training, fighting, and learning Martial Arts with extensive competition and real-world fighting experience. He also has an extensive background in program development and has structured Phoenix to be developmental for everyone. We want to share the PRIDE that we have to inspire and add to your life.


Phoenix is a world class program that follows a detailed curriculum. We coach everyone to be the best they can be.  What you do with those skills is up to you. You will probably never compete, but your life will improve and if you ever need the skills you learnt at Phoenix to save your life – they will.


Muay Thai is not the same everywhere: it is not McDonalds. Our Muay Thai is only a part of our triumvirate of what makes Phoenix great. Our Muay Thai ensures you can go anywhere in the world and people will respect your skills and you will be forever proud of what you have learnt and where you learnt it from.

We keep things simple and do what works.

All our programs provide the highest return on investment for training time. We do not focus on excessive complexity which does not equal a valuable reward for time spent.

Muay Thai/Boxing:  We train effective skills that you can do in a short period of time, and work most of the time against most people. They are tested, proven, and based on damage and effectiveness. The defences are reaction based, simple and capable of grasping in a realistic situation.

Any martial art that teaches memory-based activity, air based rehearsed movements, and does not do head contact but will grade you on your payment plan and memory to regurgitate skills under no pressure, is a complete waste of time and money.


Fitness:  We do basic exercises you can learn fast and improve on. We do bodyweight movements and utilise strength equipment like barbells, kettle bells, sleds, and many other random weighted objects to build strength, endurance, speed, and conditioning that will carry over into your life. Our fitness is simple, fun and works, and it develops and improves your character in conjunction with your health and fitness.

Training with Phoenix is like compound interest: the longer you work at the better you get, the better you are and the better your life will be. It all adds up and it all benefits you.


Character:  The greatest weapon you have is your mind. Our main target for your training is your mind. Your fitness and skill will improve in conjunction with your mental strength, ability to deal with adversity and everything we do can translate into having a better life and living longer. Learning to take a punch to the face and learning you are capable of so much more will make you better in the gym and life.

People come to Phoenix to train, but it is so much more than that.

Phoenix is a community of people and we have developed a great community that you can be a part of. People come to train but they commit to training to not let others down. We have a team: everyone works with partners and everyone comes to training to say hello and see people that they work with, share sweat with, sacrifice with, and see improvement amongst.

A condition of entry is no phones or devices. We talk to each other, we work hard, we are present and we drive each other. We do not pose in the mirror, watch our heart rates on a screen and try to be ‘instafamous’ because we did a nice rib kick. We earn respect through the integrity of our efforts and we support others that work hard.

“‘Phoenix’ is Latin for Discipline.”
Hope is not enough. There is no shortcut. There is no supplement, app, pill, or motivational talk that will do the work for you. Motivation is extremely unreliable, and your desires and goals are often weak and fail the first test of sacrifice. There is no substitute to hard work, commitment, and dedication.

Fitness is the 100 decision’s a day that you make; NOT just 1 hr in the gym.

At Phoenix we live what we do and encourage people to realise that your health and fitness evolves around the 100 choices you make a day. Get out of bed! Decide how you turn up: is it Muesli or fruit loops, is it water or soft drink, is it the gym or drinking with mates, is it the stairs or the lift. What can you do every day and what type of life do you want. The choices are what make you.

Integrity of what we do and what you do.

Our training is real. It gets you fitter, faster, stronger, and tougher – you just have to turn up! Our marketing is real. We say what we do and do what we say. We have values, philosophies and a code of conduct that we live by that are not marketing tools. Everything we do has been tested and it works. We are honest with you and we are honest with our training on all levels. We encourage everyone to turn up but we will also tell you if you need to work harder or address a particular area of your training so you can go further.

Integrity in what we expect from you means to do the exercises correctly, count correctly, and focus on doing things right. We have challenges but we do not race. We perform to our best, with no short cuts, no missed reps, abbreviations and changing it up so you appear to do better. You cannot hide in Muay Thai and we do not want people to have any false impressions. Your integrity counts, everyone notices! We can adapt due to injury or load required of your workout, but we remain accountable to ourselves and the integrity of Phoenix.

What is ‘Tougher to KILL’ ?

Being ‘Tougher to Kill’ simply means living longer and living better. Fitness and health will reduce your chances of getting heart disease and many other ailments that inflict less-active people. Developing physical ability is directly related to increasing mental strength. We all want to ‘never be a victim’ and we know what we teach will contribute to that goal.  We will prepare you to deal better with conflict and make you ‘Tougher to kill’ from a self-defence, lifestyle and health perspective.


What is ‘100% TESTED ON HUMANS’?

This is our slogan! This means everything you learn has been tested, proven and adapted over many years. It works for most people and it will work for you, if you turn up and participate regularly.

Phoenix is a just a bus ride.

I have always been it for the long ride but you cannot expect others to be. People will get on and off the bus as it suits their life. The best we can do is ensure that while people are on the bus, they have the best experience they can And that when they get off, they remember the ride got them somewhere, they sat near some good people and had a great journey. Some will stay and get upgrades, and move around the bus, but eventually most will get off and new people will get on.