Get a lesson with an expert coach at a time to suit you. Do a PT session one on one, with a buddy, or in a small group!


One on One

Get individual attention from one of our experienced coaches. Whether you want to focus on technique correction, getting fitter and losing weight, or just becoming as skilled as you can be, every lesson will be a good experience.

Buddy Session (2-3 people)

If you don’t like training alone or simply want to get better with a friend, then this is a good option for you. A buddy session will allow you individual attention from our coaches but also allow the introduction of partner work drills. A buddy session will allow you and your friend to encourage each other to train hard, as well as being cheaper for both of you!

Small Group Session (4-10 people)

If you want to organise a personalised training session for a small group of people then we’re happy to help! We’ve catered to school groups and sports teams and are always willing to share our experience with everyone.