How to start

(in Adult Classes – 14 years +)

Please book a consultation or visit the gym prior to commencing your trial week.


How to start explained. For Muaythai (Kickboxing), Boxing or Fitness

During opening hours, new people are welcome to visit anytime, talk to reception and look around. You can then book a ONE WEEK TRIAL.

1. To get started >> book a consultation at the set times or email to make a time to suit.
2. You book for a one-week trial at the consult, when you visit or by email.
3. You do a ONE WEEK TRIAL. You pay $40 prior to commencing and fill in a registration form.
4. At the end of your week trial, you can join as a member.
5. NOTE: To be eligible for a FREE STARTER PACK/50% discount voucher, you must join within 14 days of the completion of your trial week.

How does the One Week Trial Work? You try the classes which you would do as a New Member. You can try one program or all of them. We know what we do is great, but we also know people want to experience it for themselves before becoming a member.

The One Week Trial commences on a Monday and allows you to do a range of classes for one calendar week. We lend you the required equipment, we help you through classes and give you extra start up support.

Book a FREE consultation (online or via email) on Monday at 5:45 pm, Wednesday 5:45 pm or Saturday at 9:45 am. A consultation or reception visit is required prior to commencement. We will discuss the best classes and options for you for your trial week and plan your first week.

For Muaythai or Boxing, you commence in the Monday class at 5:30pm. You receive an individualised ‘Welcome to Beginners’ session during the normal class program. For Fitness, the first Fitness class(es) commences on the Tuesday at either 4.40pm or 6.00pm.

Classes included in your trial week include:


4:40pm – 5:25pm >> Express Fit
5:30pm – 6:30pm >> Muaythai or Boxing (Day 1 Intro Training)


4:40pm – 5:25pm >> Express Fit or 6:00pm – 7:00pm >> Strength Fit
5:30pm – 6:30pm >> Muaythai


4:40pm – 5:25pm >> Express Fit
5:30pm – 6:30pm >> Muaythai or Boxing


4:40pm – 5:25pm >> Express Fit or 6:00pm – 7:00pm >> Strength Fit
5:30pm – 6:30pm >> Muaythai or Boxing


9:30am >> Muaythai or Boxing. And/or 10:00am Strength Fit

TOUGH FIT >> This class requires a level of fitness and skill prior to participation. If you want to try this class in your trial, please ask a coach.

Questions answered.

  • Do I need to do a consult first? Yes, or visit reception to enquire and book.
  • Do I need to book? Yes! And you need to turn up early to start promptly at the class time.
  • Do I need to bring anything or have equipment? You need to bring a towel and water bottle. We will lend you patented ‘L’ plate gloves for Boxing or Muaythai. For fitness you need training shoes as well. Just wear comfortable exercise clothes.
  • I can’t start on a Monday; can I still get do the trial week? Yes, absolutely. You can do any of the trial classes in the calendar week but you only get until the Sunday NOT 7 days from when you start.
  • I have trained before; do I have to do a trial? If you have previous experience, you can just join directly without a trial, but this must be discussed in consultation or visit. For non-Phoenix members, do a consult and discuss what classes are suited to you.
  • Kids Classes = for 5 -16 years. School Term programs. FREE TRIALS AVAILABLE for one class.
    5–13-year-old cannot do Adult classes unless invited and experienced kids.