Children's Membership


Membership for Children’s Classes and Parent Fit

Children’s classes and Parent Fit membership. This section is for Children’s classes including Parent Fit. Adults class membership (for Juniors 14+ or Graded Level4) is under the Adult membership section. 

Parent Fit – This is for Parents of kid members. Same price, same conditions for parents/grand parents to train while their kids train.

All Children’s classes are conducted on a school term basis. Prices are for the school term and pro rated for when you start training.

All Children get one free trial class (you can only try in the first 4 weeks of a school term) where you asses if it what you are looking for and we asses suitability for the program.

There is the fees for the training and every new child has a uniform fee. The uniform fee includes Gloves, mouth guard, shin guards, skipping ropes, T’shirt and shorts.

You are welcome to watch any class. We encourage parents to watch and pay attention to classes. Training yourself is the best example you can give. However due to Covid 19, spectators are discouraged.  Please watch first class but after please drop off, pick up style.

Program memberships are the same price for every junior program. Might Dragons – Little Dragons – Dragons. You do not need to pick days only programs. UNLIMTED TRAINING IS INCLUDED IN TERM FEES. Gradings are included as are badges, certificates and extras others charge for.

All Children memberships are paid in advance and are not refundable, transferable or suspend-able.

Juniors can commence adult classes from 14 years (or invited).  Any regular adult class training requires a youth membership. You can pay at reception by cash/credit card or eftpos. All paperwork must be completed by a legal Guardian. No registration, no train. Some children may be requested to see a medical practitioner if further medical investigation is required.

Our children classes are martial art classes with fitness and character development. They are suitable for practical kids who are prepared to try hard and make an effort. We teach discipline and reward effort. It is a contact sport and everything is developmental. As we are practical and realistic, we can not teach self defence without contact drills and learning defensive skills. You can assured your child will get more than you pay for and learn real skills for life. Classes are disciplined, structured and vigorous, delivered with a keep up style approach. Children are expected to behave, be serious and have a go for the benefit of all.