Adult Membership




Membership for Phoenix is simple. This section is for Adult Classes for Adults, Students or Youth. Children’s classes including Parent Fit are detailed in the Children’s section of the web page. There is one Membership to Adult classes with multiple payment options. To make joining easy. Then when you have your gear, you are ready to start your new journey to being Tougher to KILL. If you have your own gear, bring it in and we will check it is suitable. We have a great shop here and will kit you out with whatever you need. All memberships have a Government Imposed Lock down Clause. This varies per membership. All direct debit memberships have a 5 days’ notice deactivation on a deactivation form. Youth memberships are juniors that do Adult classes. For new members, juniors must be 14 to start in Adult classes.

More Info on 10 visit passes go to Personal Training.

The above member information is for members 14 years and older. If you’re interested in joining our children’s programs head to our kid’s program section to get all the information you need. If you’re interested in joining your child up for our programs then please just pop into the gym and have a chat with one of our staff. We have a YOUTH memberships available for kids 14-17 to participate in Adult classes. Youth paperwork MUST be done by a legal guardian.

To become a member visit Phoenix to ask questions and see how friendly we are. You then do a FREE TRIAL. You then Join and we give you gloves and a T’shirt in your first months fees.

When you join, you get a membership pack which includes all the membership information you need. Phoenix has been operating with happy customers for over 23 years so we know how nervous it can be to join and start classes at a martial art club. The web page has all the information you need but you can always visit to talk to staff and have a look for yourself.