Maz began her martial arts training with Phoenix in 2000 just to try something new and was hooked. As a mature age beginner Maz faced many challenges to develop her skills and fitness and has many valuable experiences to contribute to new gym members of all ages. Maz is an inspiration to others proving that you do not need to start when you are young to develop to advanced levels, to set new goals and achieve high levels at those chosen goals.

Maz is a dedicated student, training diligently at Phoenix Kick Boxing to progress through the grading system to obtain a high level of competency in all aspects and be awarded with senior grading levels. As part of her development and testimony to her courage and strength of character Maz has competed at Kick Boxing to gain the integrity and self satisfaction achieved by being a real Kick Boxing and integrating herself in to the Phoenix ‘100% tested on humans’ philosophy. Maz has a great depth of knowledge and many life experiences to contribute to Phoenix and brings a level of no nonsense determination and focus on application to inspire others.

During her association with Phoenix Gym Maz has achieved the requirements of being awarded the level of Phoenix Coach. Marian coaches both adults and children and specializes in Personal Training. She has achieved her Certificate IV in Fitness and is also a Level One Boxing coach. Maz’s commitment to Phoenix Gym is full time and her profession is as a coach and personal trainer bringing real fitness and real results to real people.