Learn to Coach Muay Thai

Learn to Coach Muay Thai at Phoenix and be a credible Muay Thai/Kickboxing Trainer.

The Phoenix program is not only great for beginners to learn real Muay Thai, great fitness and epic skills. You can also learn to be a Muay Thai trainer, coach or run your own club.
Whether you are a fitness trainer, a personal trainer, work in a gym or just want to develop the skills you need to run your own Muay Thai club or classes you can, learn everything you need at Phoenix.

Whether you want to just add some quality pad work to your PT sessions or run your own Muay Thai club one day, you are welcome at Phoenix. Your first step is to join and just get into the program and enjoy developing lifelong Muay Thai skills from day 1. All training includes exposure to how to run great classes, how to plan excellent sessions, a professional set up that follows a deliberate training curriculum and many business aspects you can only learn from the inside.

Many fitness industry courses are available to certify you to hold pads, but do they really teach you to be a credible Muay Thai trainer – NO. They rarely even teach you the skills needed to coach someone or do what you ask your clients to do. Muay Thai is a skill and a workout because it is a sport, not a fitness session.

At Phoenix you can learn to be a better personal trainer or include aspects of Muay Thai into any of your fitness routines or classes as a part of your regular membership. Coaches start the same way as everyone else and develop in the system. You are welcome to use anything you learn to improve your own training or fitness coaching at any point, but as you grade in the Phoenix System you will develop more and more credibility and assurance your coaching is based on quality.

You can also just train as a member for as long as you want until you feel ready to branch out and do your own thing with what you have learnt. Many Phoenix students have gone on to work for other clubs as coaches and incorporate Phoenix training into their personal training or group classes. The longer you stay at Phoenix, the better development and knowledge base you will have to pass on. The more you participate in Phoenix, the more you will learn a foundation of being a great coach from someone with extensive and formal qualifications in coaching and leadership with over 35 years of martial art training and competition.

Phoenix never expects any reward for years of training and exposing you to great methods, training programs, class styles and coaching methods. You are not linked to any franchise system and are never required to pay a percentage of anything you receive from using everything you have leant at Phoenix to base your coaching on. You never  need to acknowledge where you came from, learnt your foundations or got your first opportunities.

Phoenix is so confident in what we do and the quality of the coaching system we don’t even expect any name recognition as we believe everything you have learnt, experienced, and been exposed to through opportunities, mentoring, leadership, and the time spent to provide coaching experience is yours to use as needed. You paid membership fees at Phoenix (for some of the time), that’s enough. You may have even got your apprenticeship coaching and working at Phoenix, so we have all benefited. Phoenix is constantly developing others, so we are always learning, improving and adapting. When you are ready to make your mark, you will be ready to grow your own future.

Phoenix has over 25 years of training great people. Some trainers in the ACT got their start at Phoenix – a few have opened their own clubs, some work at other gyms and many people can trace their roots and base of their own skill and coaching experience back to Phoenix and the lessons learnt in their foundation years. You too can benefit from this. Come and learn everything you can, then at any time you feel ready, move on, and open your own club or work for another club to share all your knowledge for your own personal gain. Some of the people you trained with at Phoenix will probably join you to get you started so you don’t have to start alone and do the hard work to build a base like we did. If you develop a great relationship at Phoenix, with someone you met at Phoenix because of Phoenix, we expect you to continue that relationship. 

Whether you want a hobby or career, to just be fit or to a professional fighter, Phoenix is the place to start.

Anthony Manning