Jos joined Phoenix as a member in 2009, after many weeks of pestering by her partner Lee. She quickly found a love of hard exercise in the Muay Thai and fitness classes and forged strong friendships with the coaches and students which keeps her coming back every week. Jos has progressed through the Phoenix Muay Thai grading system to Level Two and to Level One in the PhoenixFit grading system. Her love of Muay Thai and support of her professional fighting partner, Lee, saw her regularly attending international and national fight shows to support Phoenix and, more broadly, Muay Thai in Australia. Joss is an intermediate Muay Thai student, coach and fantastic fight prep manager and organiser.

Jos began volunteering as an assistant coach for the Mighty Dragons classes at Phoenix in 2016. She enjoys seeing and helping the introduction of the youngest students at Phoenix to the world of Muay Thai in an environment which is safe, respectful and encouraging. Jos now coaches in all the Children’s programs, helps out in the fitness program aswell and is a regular member and daily gym addict.