Mikaela joined Phoenix when she was in high school and started training in the Dragons Program in Muay Thai. 10 years later and Mikaela still loves to train Muay Thai and participate in the fitness classes, enjoying the fun, friendly and competitive nature of these classes.

In 2020, Mikaela started as an assistant in the beginner Muay Thai and has now stepped up as coach. Mikaela has trained many times in Thailand and spent many years developing her skills in the Phoenix System. She is an advanced graded student with many hours of sparring and training in all of the Phoenix programs. Mikaela aims to continue that welcoming and fun environment in classes and help those improve their Muay Thai skills, one class at a time.

Mikaela has completed a Bachelor of Politics, International Relations and Science in Psychology degree. She works as a professional in the tertiary education sector. When she is not training or working, Mikaela is walking up Mountains or hanging with the gals.