Kevin has trained at Phoenix since 2015 when he moved to Canberra for work and family reasons.
Kevin had trained in martial arts for over 10 years before finding Phoenix. Having extensive
experience at a range of martial training including MMA, Kickboxing and BJJ. His has competition
experience in Kickboxing, BJJ and Muaythai.
Since finding Phoenix, Kevin has focused on Muaythai. He has found a love for the sport and the
hard training. The discipline and work ethic has instilled him a desire to make Phoenix a big part of
his life. Kevin is now a Coach at Phoenix and works full time as assistant gym manager. Kevin is a
committed coach who loves developing new members and guiding them towards their fitness and
raining goals. Kevin is an advanced graded Phoenix student and has a deep understanding of the
Phoenix system and training system.
Kevin grew up in country NSW and has a love for the farm life, hunting, camping, surfing, and the
outdoors. He is a family man, and his son enjoys the children’s training in the Phoenix kid’s program.
Kevin is a qualified engineer and steel fabricator and has over 14 years’ experience in the
construction industry. The Phoenix life is his 2 nd big adventure, and he is keen to help others enjoy
their life through being active and healthy.