Muay Thai Coach – Children’s Program Coach

Drew Joined phoenix in his senior year of college.  After a knee reconstruction, He needed something fun to get him back into shape, and Muay Thai proved to be one of the few ways to exercise that covered all the basis of getting fit, doing something interesting and fun whilst always being challenged. Drew stuck with Muay Thai ever since, going on to compete for Team Phoenix and progressing into a Phoenix Muay Thai coach. Since then he has been a member throughout his university studies and has always found Muay Thai to be a good way to distract himself from any stresses in his life.  No matter what else happened Muay Thai and Phoenix were always there with a supporting and fun atmosphere.

Drew now runs the Mighty Dragon classes, Fighting Fit and is specializing in Fitness development. He has enjoys helping Phoenix members improve and seeing the kids get stronger and fitter. When not coaching or training Drew goes to university and is studying exercise Physiology to enhance his coaching knowledge for his students.

He plans to keep improving his own Muay Thai and coaching ability over the years to come.