Muay Thai Coach

Damien joined Phoenix in 2007 with his mate Lee. He had heard about Phoenix being the best place to train combat sports and eventually decided to give it a go. Years later you could call Phoenix his second home. He has mainly focused on the Muay Thai program and has graded to level 5, making him a senior student and highly respected part of the club.

With a few years of training under his belt he decided to step into the ring and test his skills. Damien had 10 fights, one of which won him a NSW CHAMPION title. He is an integral part of the Fight team coaching staff and works closely with every Phoenix fighter. An advanced student, he still enjoys training with everyone and getting in and having a go to test himself and up and comers. Damo has been working as a coach and fight team coach for over 5 years and has a wealth of fight experience and knowledge to share. He is an experienced pad holder and excellent tactical coach.

Damo’s no nonsense approach to training and coaching keeps his regular students coming back. He lives and teaches the Phoenix culture of being resilient, fair and tough. When he is not at Phoenix, Damo enjoys building (attempting to) classic cars, 4 wheel driving, hunting and living a healthy life. Damo is a plumber by trade and dedicated to his work, where his desire for excellence crosses over from his training and coaching. Damo is at everything Phoenix, so just say hi. He is approachable, friendly and loves a good story.