I joined Phoenix for Boxing 15yrs ago and loved the way Phoenix trained and the atmosphere in classes. Every time I walked into the gym there is a buzz and excitement about training. The people and the staff were always welcoming and that continues to this day.

I started Boxing 38yrs ago in Cootamundra, mainly to stay fit in the off session for Rugby League. I have continued ever since. I am a registered Boxing Coach with my Level 1 certificate. I enjoy helping Phoenix members improve, skills and get fitter.

Phoenix is a part of my family and life in Canberra. My son and daughter started at Phoenix over 10 years ago. Tommy is still going strong and now focuses on Boxing. Tommy was one of the first ever kids to compete for Phoenix at Muay Thai.

I moved to Canberra in my early teens and continue training at various boxing gyms in Canberra whilst playing football. Then I walked into Phoenix and never looked back.

I then fell in love with Bodybuilding and took that path for a lot of years winning Canberra and interstate tittles. I continued Boxing while Bodybuilding. I also had a part time job working in the night life seen throughout Canberra night clubs for 20yrs. I have experienced many’ encounters’ running the security for a number of night clubs.

I’ve always loved developing people. I am also a Rugby League Coach and have coached for many years, for West Belconnen.