Mikaela joined Phoenix when she was in high school and started training in the Dragons Program in Muaythai. 10 years later and Mikaela still loves to train Muaythai and participate in the fitness classes, enjoying the fun, friendly and competitive nature of these classes. In 2020, Mikaela started as an assistant in the beginner Muay […]

Chris Garven

Chris Garven

I joined Phoenix for Boxing 15yrs ago and loved the way Phoenix trained and the atmosphere in classes. Every time I walked into the gym there is a buzz and excitement about training. The people and the staff were always welcoming and that continues to this day. I started Boxing 38yrs ago in Cootamundra, mainly […]

Ben Hanson – Muaythai Coach and the best 3 finger kickboxer in Canberra

Ben Hanson

Ben Hanson is one of the longest serving members at Phoenix. With over 13 years of training through the Phoenix system he is one of the most knowledgeable trainers at Phoenix. Before having kids, some 7 years ago, he spent several years coaching beginner and intermediate students and is now back focusing on getting beginners […]

Scott – Muaythai, Boxing and resident Super Hero

Captain Scott ‘Spiderman’ joined Phoenix in 2007 and has practically never missed a days training in over 12 years. Scott joined when he weighed over 100kg from body building and is now a lean and fit machine, who sets a training example to inspire everyone.   He soon found the love and benefits of martial arts […]

Damien – Muaythai Coach

Damien joined Phoenix in 2007 with his mate Lee. He had heard about Phoenix being the best place to train combat sports and eventually decided to give it a go. Years later you could call Phoenix his second home. He has mainly focused on the Muay Thai program and has graded to level 5, making […]

Nick – Fitness Coach & lifting heavy things


Nick joined Phoenix gym in 2007 after a highly successful Rugby Union career that saw him represent the ACT and Australia. He initially joined the gym as a way to stay fit and try something new during the off season, however his love of the Phoenix systems grew to a point where he gave up […]

Drew – Muaythai Coach – Children’s Program Coach

Drew Joined phoenix in his senior year of college.  After a knee reconstruction, He needed something fun to get him back into shape, and Muaythai proved to be one of the few ways to exercise that covered all the basis of getting fit, doing something interesting and fun whilst always being challenged. Drew stuck with […]

Tracy ‘T3″ – Muay Thai Coach & Business Manager.

Tracy is an original Phoenix student who has been here since the gym opened. Tracy has graded through the system and has achieved a very high standard at all gradings, levels and tests throughout her years of dedicated and diligent training. Tracy is the highest graded Phoenix student –  Level Six – and a Phoenix […]

Anthony Manning – Head Coach, Owner and Founder of Phoenix.

Anthony is the head coach and owner of Phoenix.  Opened  in 1996, Phoenix was the first full-time martial art facility in the ACT. It set the standards for facilities, coaches, programs and the quality of training and continues to do so. Anthony is dedicated to coaching the most effective, practical, ethical, and modern elements of […]