Cancellation form

Membership suspensions can only be processed at Phoenix. Please visit, or email. 

To cancel your membership you are required to:

  1. Complete the membership cancellation form below or attend the gym during opening hours to complete a form. 
  2. Cancellation takes 14 days to process. Any scheduled membership fees that occur during this period are still payable. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct funds are available in the account on your direct debit date. If not your membership is not valid and we have the right to send you to debt collection. 
  3. 14 days commences on the business day the cancellation is received. If received outside business hours (like a Saturday afternoon). The 14 days commences from the first business day following 
  4. By submitting this form online you are declaring that you are the individual named. Ensure you put the members name on the form. 
  5. Furthermore you acknowledge and agree to all the terms and conditions of membership cancellation.