Anthony is the head coach and owner of Phoenix.  Opened  in 1996, Phoenix was the first full-time martial art facility in the ACT. It set the standards for facilities, coaches, programs and the quality of training and continues to do so. Anthony is dedicated to coaching the most effective, practical, ethical, and modern elements of Martial Training available. Developing from a childhood love of Karate, Boxing and wrestling training, Anthony dedicated his life to it. Anthony started fighting at Karate, then kickboxing then Muaythai, over 35 years a go. He has a vast amount of coaching and competition experience at Muaythai, Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA. Anthony is now coaching adults and Juniors to international championship level whilst always training to improve himself, learn and inspire others.  Anthony has been a national endurance ’24hr’ Mountain Bike Champion in his 40’s and as a demonstration of his fitness, mental toughness and stubbornness. He has represented Australia as an athlete, a coach, and an Army Officer. His training and coaching began with formal training as an Army Officer and military instructor. He has enhanced his experience with formal qualifications in fitness training, coaching and training development.

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Anthony is a disciplined and demanding coach who focuses on achievement through effort, commitment, team work and determination. Anthony is a specialist Muay Thai and Kickboxing trainer and has over 20 years’ experience at martial arts and fitness coaching. Anthony gives puts his soul into Phoenix and delivers his wealth of fighting, coaching and life knowledge to every student, with a passion that has only grown with time and dedication.

As a coach, he likes to see ordinary people develop into something extraordinary. Anthony believes your training should make you a better member of the community and a mentally tougher person who is competent and capable enough to achieve your goals and have a successful life. Regardless of your reasons for training, Anthony will ensure you get the attention of a world champion. He has trained numerous national and international champions and has been a part of the Muaythai Australia national coaching team, for both juniors and seniors. At Muaythai World Championships, with his own students, being the first and only, from the ACT to win gold medals at world championships….