Membership is a quality driven experience - we have one club membership that includes everything! YES, all classes, all programs,with 24hr access available. No one can beat that or offer more. The level of Coaching & knowledge you get makes it great value and a worthwhile experience.


Before you do a FREE trial, we request you do a consultation to discuss your training expectations, answers any questions you have and so you can do a quick tour and have a look at what we do at Phoenix.

Please email [email protected] to book a Consult. We will call and or email back to confirm a time. We are doing them at the following times:

  • Consult for Fitness can be done any time during staffed hours. 
  • Monday and Wednesday at 5:45pm for Phoenix Freestyle (MuayThai)
  • Tuesday or Thursday at 5:45pm for Boxing
  • Any time we can arrange outside of peak class times.
  • We are open from 2:00 – 8:00pm Monday to Thursday and Saturday between 10:00am and 12:00pm for ‘drop in’ enquiries and bookings. 

After you have done a quick consult, we can book you in for your FREE TRIAL. These will be conducted in any of BEGINNER specific classes for any program.

Thank you for your enquiry