Membership is a quality driven experience - we have one club membership that includes everything! YES, all classes, all programs,with 24hr access available. No one can beat that or offer more. The level of Coaching & knowledge you get makes it great value and a worthwhile experience.

100% Tested on Humans – Be Tougher to KILL!

Phoenix is a great club, a great place to train and a great place to do Muaythai, Boxing and get really Fit. Our coaching experience and ability is something you will appreciate.

We have 24hr access. We have a full time, world class facility, that has something for everyone.

We have one full access membership that entitles you to more coaching and more classes than you can handle.

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Phoenix is built on members enjoying the training for over 23 years. Phoenix is members only club committed to proving the best and most honest training you can get. At Phoenix, we aim to live better lives through being part of a great club. We have programs that are effective, simple and fun. Our fitness is unique and our club is an escape from your daily life. Never do the same class twice and never get bored as our programs are for life.

Phoenix is remarkable. We develop Pride. All memberships include access to all our programs. The difference is in the quality of the coaches, the programs and the facilities. Forget what you think gyms are like. Phoenix has a vision and a way of life that is contagious and addictive. Phoenix guides, leads and inspires you every step of the way. Phoenix is a club based on connections, friendships and a common work ethic. We are all here to achieve results and help each other get there. Your training partners will share your experience and your coaches will inspire and push you. Most people join Phoenix for fitness as an alternative to a ‘fitness center’ but stay because it is so much more. Once you have tried Phoenix, everything else is boring. Our fitness is based on athletic development, reality based no gimmick training that works because it is hard work and developmental.

Phoenix is a club not a training centre, all our coaches were members first and have developed through the Phoenix system. We are quality not quantity driven from kids programs to adults, families and champions. We have extensive experience and we share everything with you.