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Over 23 years of developing Champions in life

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Realistic & Challenging with Free character development

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ONE WEEK TRIAL ONLY $40 – UNLIMITED CLASSES IN ANY PROGRAM (Adult Classes (14+)) / Kids Classes get ONE FREE TRIAL (5-16 years)


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Realistic – Simple – Effective – Fun


A Beginner Start Up Program for all new members that includes a FREE STARTER PACK valued at $130. Direct debit memberships with no min periods that include a 50% discount voucher for all your equipment needs.

Single program membership or Multi program memberships. 24hr access options with pay in advance or direct debit options.

World Class Venue – World Class programs. World Class Coaches. 

Be fitter, stronger & prouder of yourself than you have ever been. Learn from the Team with over 25 years experience.








About Phoenix

Phoenix is a great place to do fitness training, martial arts, Boxing or Muay Thai. We are local, world class, non franchised, tailored, unique and effective with a quality approach to everything we do. Our programs  are realistic, simple to learn, effective and fun to do, with an element of character development. We have full time professional coaches and a world class facility that provides a great atmosphere for fitness and martial training. Members can do one program or multiple, it is up to you. 

We know what it is like to get beginners started and have specialised Start Up programs for new people. Since 1996, Phoenix has coached 1000’s of people to be fitter, faster, stronger and tougher in our Adult and Kids programs.  A generation of kids has passed through and are now coming back with their own children. Multiple generations of people have passed through Phoenix and it is your turn to have a go and find something unique for yourself.

Phoenix focuses on great training for everyday people that you can include as part of your life. We provide everything you need, just turn up. We want to be a positive addition to people’s lives by running programs that are translatable into everyday life. Great fitness, great health, self-protection, mental resilience, and good friends are included in all our training. Phoenix built a legacy of producing, well skilled, tough and successful athletes across a range of Combat Sports. We know focus on everyday hardworking people who want something challenging and interesting in their lives.

Phoenix training is challenging, disciplined, structured, professionally programmed and every class is conducted with a strong work ethic in a teamwork environment. Every member can get a tailored made program for their strength & Conditioning which is something unique and great value.  Members can focus on one program or do everything. We are one team with one vision. Our members turn up for each other and our coaches are here for your development. Phoenix is a hard work ethic, no-nonsense, shut up and train ethos that will inspire you to be the best you can be. We want you to be ‘tougher to kill’; which means you will live a longer and healthier life through being physically fit and healthy, mentally tough and capable of protecting yourself. You will have fun but we will challenge you and develop your skills and character.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Phoenix

Over 24 Years’ Experience – experience counts.

Incredible Good Value Membership’s and flexible options

Family Friendly Atmosphere with kids and adult classes

Develop Mental and Physical Toughness

Escape from the stress of your life

World Class facilities and Coaches

It is great Fun, challenging and Effective

Excellence is what we do – you just turn up!

Be fitter than you have ever been

The people are real and the gym is full of energy.